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    CCCL is a responsible leader in construction materials.
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    Today we are as dedicated as ever to providing unrivalled product quality, reliability, innovation, choice, sustainability and customer service.
  • CCCL seychelles
  • CCCL seychelles
  • CCCL seychelles
  • CCCL seychelles

CCCL Seychelles

Civil Construction Company LTD Seychelles

Serving the construction industry since 1998, Civil Construction Company Limited (CCCL Seychelles) is one of the major providers of
Crusher and quarry products in the Seychelles.


CCCL Seychelles

Crusher and quarry construction materials

Crusher and Quarry

CCCL Seychelles

Housing materials namely crusher dust, aggregates and more.

Concrete Blocks

CCCL Seychelles

Bricks and pavers available in various colors.

Paving Bricks

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CCCL Seychelles CCCL Seychelles

British Motors Seychelles Ltd and Island Motors Company Limited